Campaign: More Than Meets The Eye 2018

Marketing Material and Documents

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Campaign Concept 

Leverage quotes and images that resonate with us and our patients to convey the understanding of looking beyond the obvious.

Our Tone

Positive, Inspirational, Uplifting, Warm

Emotional Response – Customers

I am uplifted and inspired by the quotes

There is more to me than meets the eye

The practice & staff understand me – I am not a number where one size fits all

Emotional Response – Internal

We seek to understand our patients on a deeper level and to build stronger relationships

There is more to what we offer than meets the eye

Promotional Concept

Present offers that leverage off the tagline – exceed their expectations

Go the extra mile and demonstrate that there is more to us than meets the eye

Wall Posters

The first component of the campaign. Two posters per Practice are at no charge, any additional prints are to the practice cost.  Simply choose those that you like the most and add them to your order.

Order Deadline: Wednesday  26th September, COB

Or if you would like to download them now you are able to do so using the button under each image.

To preview them again click through to the full page.

If you are a non-Visique branded Practice then you can ask Print Consultants to sub your logo in for the Visique one in the order form below.

Order Form

Initial order period is now closed. Posters can still be ordered here but are now at the expense of the Practice.
If you are a non-Visique branded Practice and would like your own logo substituted in then please write that as a note and Print Consultants will make the change for you.
Attach logo here is Print Consultants currently do not have it.

Short Videos

These are visual files which can be used across multiple media platforms. Best applications include:

In-store on mounted TVs

– Download, put onto a USB stick, and insert into the USB input on the side of your TV.

Social Media

– You can either download here then upload or share it straight using YouTube as the host.

If you would like the Visique branding replaced with your own brand contact


Should you want to use the images to create some of your own material you are more than welcome to do so.

See the previews here and download for further use.

Facebook Headers

If you would like to alter your headers to match the campaign then these have been resized fit for purpose. Just download from here and upload to Facebook. Easy!

Quick GIFs

If you are wanting to send out quick hit GIFs to patients or post on Social Media or your website without much space required, these are the perfect tool.

If you send out appointment message to patients then potentially you could add some of these in with the send.