Campaign: Why Wait for 2020

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Campaign Concept 

Bring forward the double use of 2020 with a fun vibrant campaign backed up by substantive promotions to work for your practice.

We are keeping our positive and uplifting persona as dictated by the overall brand identity, but also branching out a little into a slightly more edgy space with the imagery chosen for this campaign.

Customer Response

They should be able to relate to the material as well as understand the subtly of the message. There is also a call-to-action of “Why wait for 2020?" which is a soft way to draw them in perhaps earlier than they may have otherwise thought to do so.

Their true response will be determined based off the promotion you choose which should be done so according to your target market and demographic.

Practice Response/Vision

The need to understand our patients continues. Each practice will have a different demographic and a different need in terms of promotional direction. The challenge here is to match these together.

There will be more information on this to come.

Promotional Concept

This campaign is definitely more focused on the promotional elements than perhaps they have been in the past. There are a plethora of options for you to choose from and you can mix and match as you please, depending on whatever outcomes you are hoping for from you campaign.

To give you the flexibility, there is also the ability to input your own, but I would strongly recommend using one of those provided as they are all strong promotions which are more likely to generate results if implemented correctly with visibility to your patients.

Wall Posters

The first component of the campaign which can either be downloaded and printed here, or use the order form to send your request straight to Print Consultants.

The promotions on offer are:

    • Promo 1 – 50% off your second pair of glasses
    • Promo 2 – 50% off your sunglasses when purchased as your second pair
    • Promo 3 – 50% off your occupational glasses, sports glasses or sunglasses
    • Promo 4 – Get a FREE polarised lens upgrade on your sunglasses
    • Promo 5 – Get a FREE photochromic lens upgrade
    • Promo 6 – Receive a FREE eye exam
    • Promo 7 – FREE month’s trial of VisionPlus+ Fresh Daily contact lenses
    • Promo 8 – 20% off all glasses
    • Promo 9 – 30% off all glasses
    • Promo 10 – 40% off all glasses
    • Promo 11 – Family Member Glasses at Half Price
**Please look at the images themselves when choosing which demographic you are wanting to target, the coloured boxes will change depending on the promotion**

ADD-ON: Rugby Posters

ADD-ON: Spring Posters

ADD-ON: Summer Posters

ADD-ON: Festive Posters

Referral Flyers

As a new option for this campaign, we have also created referral flyers which can be placed on your counters and/or given to customers in their bags as they leave the practice. An easy way to get their to talk to friends or generate the conversation with them to ask if there is any way we can help them further.

The promotions are:

    • Promo 1: Free Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner when you refer a friend
    • Promo 2: Free glasses case when you refer a friend
    • Promo 3: 30% off your next purchase when you refer a friend


These are also available to be ordered using the poster order form below.

How to Choose your Promotion

Below is a list of scenarios outlining when to use certain promotions, have a read before ordering the posters you are wanting to run for each campaign:

I need to increase my patient numbers

New Customer Generation Promotions

If the book has space then this should be your first priority. It goes without saying that getting people through the door is going to increase your sales and therefore profit.

Which promotions will work for in this instance?

    • Free Eye Exam
      • This is the easiest option
      • We all know that the eye exam is the most important part of the process, but it is not the most profitable!
      • Offer a free eye exam up front and then generate your margin dollars on the sale of glasses and/or contact lenses
    • Family Members at Half Price
      • This is useful to generate more patient numbers but is best utilised when you do already have a relatively full book as you need a critical mass of patients already to make this work
      • It also requires strong communication within the practice to work. Without the customers being made away of this promotion, they will not know to take it up.
      • Best for parents thinking of their children or vice versa.

I need to generate more consistent revenue across the year

Monthly Revenue Balancer Promotions

Every business has peaks and troughs in its revenue. The important element to focus on is increasing the ‘floor’ each month so you are less dependent on the ‘ceilings’ needing to be too high.

Which promotions will work for in this instance?

    • Contact Lens Promotions
      • Contact lenses have the potential to be the bread-and-butter of every practice. The margin dollars generated from contact lenses on an annual basis are significantly higher than what you will make from a single sale of a pair of glasses.
      • If contact lenses are not a core strategic focus of the practice then they should be!
    • Seasonal Promotions
      • Leveraging season promotions is an easy way to ensure you are constantly meeting the needs of your customers.
      • Sunglasses and photochromic lens offers are easy ones, but get creative and jump on the back of holidays and events!

I want to diversify my product portfolio

Product Diversification

The more product categories a business has the wider and more evenly they spread the risk across their business. In our context, if we focus on just eye exams and spectacles we are limiting ourselves. Adding in second pairs of sunglasses, sports glasses, occupationals, contact lenses etc then we can minimise the risk to our business as long term the repeat business of all these components create long term revenue.

Which promotions will work in this instance:

    • Discounts of second pairs of speciality glasses
      • Immediately we see an increase in our margin dollars from the sale to that customer
      • Long term though we are also providing a wide range of products the customer becomes accustomed to using and therefore their on-going/long-term need has also changed which can benefit both them and your bottom line
    • Contact Lens Promotions
      • Contact lenses have the potential to be the bread-and-butter of every practice. The margin dollars generated from contact lenses on an annual basis are significantly higher than what you will make from a single sale of a pair of glasses.
      • If contact lenses are not a core strategic focus of the practice then they should be!

I want my patients to feel valued

Buy More, Save More & Value-Add Promotions

Adding value not only is good for your bottom line but it is even more important in how valued your customers feel! You do not need to feel like you’re ‘selling’ to them as you are genuinely helping create the best solution for them! Everyone wins.

  • Which promotions will work in this instance:
    • Buy More, Save More (eg. 50% off second pair)
      • The customer feels like you are really helping them by discounting the second pair of glasses giving them more flexibility for the eyeware to work around their lifestyle.
      • All the while you again increase your margin dollars and thus bottom line. If your customer walks out the door with one pair of glasses that is great. It goes without saying that two pairs are better even at a discounted rate because you end up with more dollars in your pocket!
    • Value-Add Promotions
      • Free polarised or photochromic lens upgrades are a nice way of making your customer feel valued.
      • Not as much added revenue neccessarily, but given these sorts of lenses tend to be on specialty glasses it could promote those to add a second pair without a big discount.
      • You can also consider free upgrade to a better quality standard lens also which is just good customer service, but say you will add that in if they run with the second pair of course!

There are three components to each poster the selection:

    • Poster Style – The background picture and look of the poster.
    • Poster Promotion – What you are wanting to offer to your customers.
    • Poster Size


All three components must be chosen for the order to be complete.

Order Form

Two posters are ordered and paid for from the central marketing budget. If you would like more than two you are able to order here, but they will cost the practice.
Pricing for these are as follows: 100 flyers - $100 / 250 flyers - $150 / 500 flyers - $225 / 1000 flyers - $400
If you are a non-Visique branded Practice and would like your own logo substituted in then please write that as a note and Print Consultants will make the change for you.
Attach logo here is Print Consultants currently do not have it.

Brand / Promo Videos

These are visual files which can be used across multiple media platforms. Best applications include:

In-store on mounted TVs

– Download, put onto a USB stick, and insert into the USB input on the side of your TV.

Social Media

– You can either download here then upload or for non-promo videos you are able to share it directly using our IOGroup YouTube page as the host. Click here to view.

All of these videos offer different options. The promo videos are locked to that one image and cannot be changed.

ADD-ON: New Videos

Facebook Headers

Adding your promotion to your Facebook Header is an easy way to ensure your message is received by all those who follow you! Maximise the reach of which ever promotion you decide on!

There are multiple files for each download – one per promotion. So the best way to select is 

Facebook Posts

Once again you can use these posts instead of or complementary to the headers to boost your promo visibility. These can also be used in other marketing as they’re basic enough should you want to do so.

ADD-ON: New Posts

Instagram Imagery

Instagram is increasingly becoming a valuable platform both for advertising and for using to create lifestyle material which shows off who you are as a practice. We have some promotional imagery here which can be used in either capacity.

Vertical Design

These designs are available for those practices who have a digital vertical display (essentially a TV placed in a vertical orientation thus switching the dimensions)