IOGroup Canva Marketing Resource

This is a Marketing collaboration platform.

Anything you create on here can be used by the rest of the group as can their work.

So get creative and share ideas!

How It Works
  • Click the Link across the page to access the Canva website
  • Login to our IOGroup account using the details
  • Create and save your custom pieces of marketing or use/edit those which are there!
  • NB: Please if you're using someone else's marketing, save a new one before making your own edits. Thanks!
Access Canva Website
Click through to access the site and start creating!
IOGroup Login Details
Please do not try to change these at any stage.


Password: IOGroupALL

Canva Video Tutorials
If you'd like further assistance in how to create with Canva then please click here to learn more.

Additional Info / Rules

Using Existing Promos
If you are using a design that has already been created, please create a COPY of that file BEFORE editing it or the original will be lost.
As a safeguard, create a copy yourself of your promos and place them inside your Practice Folder
Printing from Canva
Download file and send to your local printer (this will be the least expensive option) If you use Canva to print your file we will invoice you for this from our Support Office.