All our members practices carry a range of frames in various colours, materials and styles from leading local and international brands. Choose from their wide selection of frames to suit your style, face shape and preferences. Talk to one of our practices friendly staff members to help support you made a choice you are happy with.


Great vision and exceptional style throughout summer can be yours with prescription sunglasses. All our Optometrists offer a range of prescription sunglasses in a wide variety of styles from a selection of suppliers so look can enjoy great vision on bright summer days too!


Lens quality is all about advanced technical features in materials, coating and manufacturing precision. Our Optometrists and dispensing opticians are your guides to help you find the best solution for your individual vision needs, but, only you can truly evaluate and prioritize your final preference (which can include things like coatings, progressive or single vision lenses). That’s why we encourage you to engage in choosing lenses, which ultimately result in better vision.

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