Who We Are

The Independent Optometry Group is a New Zealand cooperative of independent optometry practices

We operate as a fully member-owned entity, ensuring that shareholders have a direct and influential role in the company. Our organizational structure emphasizes democratic decision-making, with the board elected by members, complemented by one external director. Our executive staff is dedicated to generating value for shareholders. We offer flexibility in branding, allowing members to retain or develop their individual brands or opt for the free use of the Visique brand as a shareholder, providing a versatile approach to business identity within our cooperative framework.

Happy optometrist using testing eyeglasses during senior woman's eye exam at the clinic.

Our values

The Independent Optometry Group constantly strives to develop strategies for independent practices to maintain a healthy practice, build resilience and improve and optimise your revenue.

These strategies will enable you to drive practice growth and improve customer satisfaction leveraging data-centred insights and customised recommendations using a suite of tools and services designed for practices in a dynamic environment.

Good business decisions begin with great data from which to make informed and intelligent decisions.

Enabling best practice for the practice, staff, process and patients

Safeguard autonomy and independence

Empower shareholders

Inspire innovative thinking and solutions

Leverage collective strength

Seeking the best in eyecare for New Zealanders

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What drives us

We are driven to enable you to thrive in a dynamic environment

The pursuit of Your Best Practice. This is an ongoing commitment to using the best available knowledge, methodologies and technologies which have been accepted as superior to the alternatives. A way to ensure success for your practice.

Constant change and adaption to improve. Strategic shifts in the global and local optometric market, vertical integration from manufacture to retail, a dynamic social landscape and rapid technological advances demand regular review and action. As a consequence, planning the way forward and managing your practice pose significant challenges within the time-poor environment that you encounter on a daily basis.

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