We are a practice

We exist to help you compete and succeed in a challenging market place.

As a branded or unbranded practice, we offer flexible and optional buying power, business support services including inventory management and marketing, peer-to-peer information sharing and a clinical focus without compromising your independence. Joining us is about being in practice for yourself, not by yourself.
Crop optometrist measuring optical power of eyeglasses in clinic

Supply Chain

Our collective strength allows us to create value and improved profitability through well negotiated and structured product and software costs across the board.

A Peer Support Network

We offer different forums to meet, discuss and ask industry-related questions to your peers, across all staff levels so no one feels alone in their business.

Clinical Collaboration

The diversity of the group offers the opportunity to discuss and gain insight into the treatment of clinical conditions or dispensing challenges that present particular difficulties.

Business Services

The group has a suite of business planning and management, data analytics and marketing tools available which allow for improved decision-making within the practice.

Corporate Contracts

We have established relationships with key figures in insurance, the MSD and the cooperative sector which facilitate and lower the cost of customer acquisition and retention.


Through IOG you have access to the latest technological advances and best practice learnings – this is very important in an everchanging landscape.

Software as a Service

We leverage multiple platforms and portals to support the digital media activities demanded in today’s business environment.

Data Analytics & Benchmarking

We review and analyse client and business data to empower practices with good reporting and performance over time for informed decision making.

Our focus is on ensuring independent optometry thrives.

Joining the Group

We’re a cooperative of optometrists and dispensing opticians who are health care professionals with a service based philosophy which puts the highest priority on patient needs while recognising the importance of providing an excellent customer experience.

We exist to help you compete and succeed in a challenging marketplace while practising your profession without restrictions. It’s about you doing what you do best, PLUS having the benefit of commercial assistance and belonging to a community of your peers.

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