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We endeavour to support you to create Your Best Practice

The IO Group enables independent optometry practices to quickly and easily make specific & individualised decisions, creating Best Practice for your location, demographic and circumstances, resulting in long term sustainability and success.
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3 Practice Pillars

The Independent Optometry Group constantly strives to develop strategies for independent practices to maintain a healthy practice, build resilience and improve and optimise your revenue.
These strategies will enable you to drive practice growth and improve customer satisfaction leveraging data-centred insights and customised recommendations using a suite of tools and services designed for practices in a dynamic environment.

Good business decisions begin with great data from which to make informed and intelligent decisions.

7 Value Drivers




Peer Support

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Lens Mix Analysis

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Business Simulators


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Tailormade Analytical Tools & Simulators

Retail selling price calculator

Use RSP Calculator to calculate RSP & GP based on cost & margin

Practice acuity gap analysis: financial & cost

Our focus is on ensuring independent optometry thrives.

Joining the Group

We’re a cooperative of optometrists and dispensing opticians who are health care professionals with a service based philosophy which puts the highest priority on patient needs while recognising the importance of providing an excellent customer experience.

We exist to help you compete and succeed in a challenging marketplace while practising your profession without restrictions. It’s about you doing what you do best, PLUS having the benefit of commercial assistance and belonging to a community of your peers.

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